Be Curious.

Be Brave.


(in order of appearance)

RODERIGO, a Venetian Gentleman — Elinor Bell
IAGO, Othello’s Ancient — Beth Chastain
BRABANTIO, a Senator, Father of Desdemona — Maureen-Theresa Williams
OTHELLO, a noble Moor, in the service of Venice — Sam Selliman
CASSIO, his Lieutenant — Becky Potter
an OFFICER,in service of the Duke — Annie Potter
SENATOR, in council with the Duke — Ali Arman
DUKE OF VENICE — Julia McArthur
DESDEMONA, Daughter to Brabantio and Wife to Othello — Jake Breckinridge
MONTANO,Othello’s predecessor in the government of Cyprus — Julia McArthur
a GENTLEMAN, of Cyprus — Annie Potter
another GENTLEMAN of Cyprus — Ali Arman
EMILIA, Wife to Iago and Attendant on Desdemona — John Butterfield
SERVANT to Othello — Ali Arman
BIANCA, Mistress to Cassio — Julian Christopher Geritz
LODOVICO, a Venetian Gentleman and Kinsman to Brabantio — Annie Potter
GRATIANO, Brother to Brabantio — Maureen-Theresa Williams

Fight Choreography by Edwin Peabody
Costumes by Liz Martin, Pink Depford Costume Design Studio
Scenic Design by John Butterfield and Edwin Peabody
Lighting Design by John Butterfield and Kathleen MacKay
Properties & Set Dressing by John Butterfield and Edwin Peabody
Graphics design and artwork by Jean Butterfield


by William Shakespeare
adapted for Butterfield 8 by Maureen-Theresa Williams
directed by John Butterfield

February 28 through March 24, 2013
at Cue Productions Live, Concord